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“Words from the Wise” May Koo

Greater China House Keeping Hotelier of the Year 2018


1. What motivated you to apply for the platform?

I have always dreamt of receiving recognition through this prestigious platform to shine a light on the years I have spent in the industry. Therefore, it was an honour when my Managing Director, Ms Janet McNab, and our Director of Public Relations, Ms Karen Kang, nominated me for the awards.


2. Who did you approach for your testimonials?

Because I was nominated by my colleagues, I did not personally reach out to individuals for the testimonials. However, when I got a copy of the application after it was submitted, I was truly touched by how my peers and subordinates viewed me as a person and within my role.

My Managing Director, EAM of Sheraton Grand Macao and Housekeeping Manager wrote my testimonials. Reading their endorsements was indeed a very humbling experience because it showed me how my success was only made possible by having a very supportive team.


3. What advice would you give to those applying to Stelliers this year?

My advice would be to candidly share your passion for your work in the application. Choose a few topics that are dear to your heart and your greatest achievements to write about. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments in the areas of developing talent, implementing innovations and promoting sustainability in the workplace.

Below are the key reminders I followed for the phone interview:

  • Remember that the interviewer does not know you apart from what you submitted in the application, so it really helps to prepare a few points about your career to highlight during the interview.
  • Depending on the questions, prepare to introduce your work background, work experience, successes, failures (be humble and honest), most memorable and poignant experiences in your career.
  • Be yourself, be confident and do not be nervous. Treat it as if you were meeting a new friend and getting to know each other.
  • Most importantly, get a good night rest the night before and relax!



4. Were there any mentors or individuals who inspired you as you progressed in your career as a hotelier?

Yes. The person I am especially inspired by is Ms Janet McNab, my Managing Director. She represents the modern-day woman, who has achieved great heights in her career through the power of positive thinking and self-motivation. She is my mentor and a great advocate for women in leadership. Notably, her genuine belief in working hard and setting one’s mind towards a goal to achieve success has truly encouraged me to reach for my dreams.

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